About Gerard Best

Gerard BestGerard Best is a Caribbean journalist, blogger and social media specialist based in Trinidad and Tobago. His experience spans traditional and new media platforms and includes work on print, radio and television for major media houses. His writing and poetry has garnered international awards and regional recognition. He holds postgraduate qualifications in Development Journalism and Media Ethics and a profound interest in all things Caribbean.

This blog reflects my personal opinions.

CV and more here: LinkedIn | Twitter

12 thoughts on “About Gerard Best”

  1. Hey Gerard,

    I like this, pretty nice. Stay focus and allow the mind of God to direct your life.
    C-WBN is life to me and my wife..

  2. Great work. It is important that we see the Caribbean development from eyes of God. It will allow us as Caribbean people both Globally and International develop our countries and the minds of our people, through informative resources and updates.

  3. Hello Mr Best,
    Greetings to you and yours, I was looking for the worship song You are My King,You are my God and yore site was the one i got it on .Imagine my joy later on when i realised that you were a Trinidadian. Keep up the good work, keep trusting in God.

  4. hi Gerard, i got the lyrics to my exceeding great reward from you, i was wondering if you have the words for the songs Phenomenon and Look at what the Lord has done for us.

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