Lindsay Lohan is one in a million. (Because Chikungunya.)

OMG, Lindsay Lohan got chikungunya!

A tweet linking to this photo on her Instagram account made the famed Hollywood actress an unlikely poster girl for the Caribbean epidemic last December.

The main thing here though, in case you missed it, is that a million people have chikungunya, many of them in the Caribbean. And the mosquito-borne disease is continuing to spread across the globe.

Eradicating mosquito-borne diseases is notoriously tricky, as this January 8 Time magazine article points out.

Time reports that a new study from scientists at Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) could provide a strategy for squashing the disease.

In May 2014, Panama allowed the company Oxitec to release genetically modified sterile male mosquitos. When the mosquitos mate, offspring do not survive into adulthood and mosquito populations will die out.

The worry is that when the genetically modified mosquitos lower the populations of Aedes aegyptiAedes albopictusmosquito populations could grow because of the lack of competition.

If there’s one thing this study shows, it’s just how complicated the process of eliminating Chikungunya can be! We may be in for a whole lot more pain before this one is all over.


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