Profile: Curaçao Telecommunications

Curacao has a population (2013) of just 152,760 people, which translates to some 55,000 households. Internet penetration per household in Curacao is around 64% or 35,000 lines. Fastest connection for residential users is the 100 Mbps package offered by innovative operator Flow, the local subsidiary of regional telecommunications giant Columbus Communications.

Flow is one of four main service providers in the territory, the others being Scarlet, which offers a WiMAX package, Tres, which offers Fibre to the Home (FTTH), and UTS, which provides DSL and FTTH packages. UTS, another dynamic operator, intends to launch LTE before year-end 2014.

Average yearly personal income stands at 64,000 guilders or US$36,772. Broadband internet packages range in price from 39.99 ANG (6 Mbps) to 299.99 (100 Mbps), although UTS offers 49 ANG (2 Mbps) and 149.99 (50 Mbps). An extra 25 ANG must be paid for a fixed telephone line.

The island’s main regulator is Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post, which oversees the entire market, including service providers.

Source: Signals Telecom Consulting


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