Curacao: Where Dreams Take Flight

The dream of human spaceflight is coming closer to the Caribbean.

By 2014, the island of Curacao could complete its SpacePort project.

Curacao Airport Holding Managing Director Maurice Adriaens announced the projected launch date last week, as part of his presentation at the Caribbean ICT Roadshow and 9th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum, which was held at the Curacao World Trade Centre from September 9 to 11.

Passengers will be launched from the Curacao spaceport into suborbital spaceflight above the surface of the Earth and then safely looped back to Earth, according to an online promotional video on the Space Expedition Corporation’s official website.

Addressing an audience that included representatives of governments, Internet Service Providers, telecommunications operators and regulators, as well as public and private sector professionals from the health, education and e-commerce sectors, Adriaens explained why he felt Curacao was the “perfect venue” for the ambitious project.

“This is my dream! Why not? Why not have space travel from right here in Curacao?” Adriaens said, speaking on the second day of the Roadshow.

His presentation highlighted the downstream economic benefits that would flow from the development of an indigenous commercial human spaceflight industry. The  prospect of transitioning the island’s economy from traditional tourism to space tourism generated great  interest in the room and amongst the foreigners represented at the regional gathering.

“It’s a good dream, isn’t it?” he asked. “So…who wants to be a Curanaut?”

Curacao, which became an independent nation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2010, last week hosted the Caribbean ICT Roadshow, themed ‘Harnessing The Power Of Innovation: The Engine For ICT-Enabled Development’.

The Caribbean ICT Roadshow is a series of country visits across the region, designed to foster a spirit of innovation in the development and adoption of ICT-based practical solutions to economic and social development challenges. The series was developed to raise awareness within the public sector, the private sector, civil society and academia, of the innovative approaches needed for the effective use of ICTs in government, business and social development.

For more information, visit the Caribbean ICT Roadshow official website.


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