TT Media Association Election Candidates announced

Updated on August 24. I’ve put an asterisk next to the elected officials.

ttlargeThe Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) will hold elections on Saturday 24th August. Here’s an (alphabetical) list of candidates for the seven available executive positions:

Anil Goorahoo
Francesca Hawkins
*Curtis Williams
Sheldon Yearwood

Wayne Bowman
*Khamal Georges
Sampson Nanton
Sunil Ramdeen
James Saunders

Ira Mathur
*Akash Samaroo

Kalifa Clyne
Acshah Gulston
Paula Lindo
*Omatie Lyder
Anil Seerattan

*Carla Bridglal
Karen Cozier Phillip
Cindy Raghubar

FLOOR MEMBERS (two positions vacant)
*Richard Charan
Nathalie Chrysostom
*Jabari Fraser
Kwesi Hopkinson
Joel Julien
Kristee Kalisingh

– via MATT’s Interim Management Committee (


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