How to make all your favourite news sources appear in your Facebook news feed

Back in the good old days, clicking “Like” on a Facebook page got you automatic access to all the updates from that page, delivered instantly to your News Feed. But Facebook has been quietly making several changes to how Page updates are delivered to users’ News Feeds.

Here are at least three ways to ensure your News Feed still gets all the updates from pages you like.

Subscription. If you see a “Subscribe” button on a page, click it to get News Feed updates without Liking that page. Last I heard, not everyone sees this Subscribe option, however, because it is still being tested.

Notifications. You can opt in to receive a notification every time a page is updated. This is the only option that guarantees that ALL updates appear in your News Feeds.

Interest Lists. This way, you can view updates as a separate feed or see summaries of content in News Feed.

That reminds me. Facebook’s Pages Feed allows you to see only content from the pages you follow in your main feed.  You can see it here.


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