Fixin T&T and Wired868 complain about graphic content on CCN TV6

April 10, 2012

Mr. Cris Seecheran

Chief Executive Officer

Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago

# 5 Eight Avenue Ext. Twelfth Street

Barataria, San Juan.

Dear Mr. Seecheran:

Re: Complaint of inappropriate Graphic Content on Local TV Stations


Reference is made to your letter dated March 13, 2012 on the above subject.

Your recent views expressed to and requests made of CCN TV6 have clearly fallen on deaf ears.  Regretfully we write to complain once again about graphic content broadcast on the media house’s “Crime Watch” programme.  This time, on April 3, 2012, a body bag was opened to expose the very disturbing image of a bleeding corpse amid the painful screams of the grieving relatives of the deceased.  We continue to find this type of footage objectionable and share your position that this type of subject broadcast was simply done “to serve a voyeuristic purpose specifically aimed at increasing the ratings of the TV programme without considering the interest of the public…”  Further, we maintain that it is inconsistent with the values espoused by both the CCN Group and its parent company One Caribbean Media.

The broadcast referred to above was first brought to our attention by a very irate Lasana Liburd who called after viewing the footage while shopping at a supermarket with his girlfriend and young daughter.  Enclosed is a copy of Mr Liburd’s account of that experience which can also be accessed by going to the link below. .

In a letter to the editor published in the Express of Saturday April 7, 2012, the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists states “The violent footage in our news, the violent and graphic nature of the many television movies and popular local shows must be re-examined if we are to help children of this country become mentally healthy adults, with a sense of obligation to others in the community into which they were born.”

While we now appreciate your organization’s limitations in effectively treating with these situations in the absence of a broadcast code, we implore you to request the footage, view it and write again to the management of CCN TV6 in the hope of appealing to their good sense to exercise better judgement.


Kirk Waithe

Cc:  Media

Hon. Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, MP.  Minister of Public Administration


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