Infographic: Trinidad and Tobago Budget Presentation 2011-2012 tag cloud

A couple thoughts, coming out of Finance Minister Winston Dookeran’s presentation of the 2011-2012 national budget.

1. A Budget presentation is a POLITICAL speech, meant to project some degree of harmony between the ruling party’s purported political ideals and its development plans. See how big the word ‘development’ is in the tag cloud above? That means it was repeated several times in the Budget presentation. Hey, if you repeat it often enough…

2. A tag cloud, by its very nature, tracks not what the Finance Minister meant but what he SAID. In an earlier post, I pointed out some of the main areas receiving significant budgetary allocations: education, health, infrastructure, housing, etc. But the tag cloud above suggests that those areas weren’t really buzzwords in Dookeran’s speech. Does that point to some misalignment between the Minister’s own vision and his EN-visioning? Or is it, as harsher critics have suggested, a case of a lack of vision being made manifest by a speech which failed to clarify the philosophical underpinnings of the strategic directives being outlined for the next fiscal year?


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