Blogger? Let’s get the lingo right.

Just a small thing, really.

Newspapers, in their coverage of UDeCOTT Chairman Jearlean John’s exchange of online correspondence with a man who described himself as a “construction project manager”, repeatedly identified the man as a “blogger”.

But was he really a blogger?

The man, who was identified in one Newsday article as Eugene Reynald, didn’t seem to actually have a blog of his own. His online comments were in fact being posted in private online groups and distributed via private e-mail lists.

In contrast, the Trinidad Express, reporting on Mary King’s pre-Budget commentary,  rightly described it as “a public statement distributed via several popular e-mail groups”.

If we’re going to be reporting on the electronic media, we should try to get the lingo right.

A tip of the hat, incidentally, to the new CCN publication, The Campus Chronicle, whose “Bloggers for Dollars” didn’t get the lingo right by the strictest definition but who seem to have gotten many other more important things right.

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