The ethics of social networking for journalists

By Estrella GutiƩrrez

CARACAS, Venezuela – The digital revolution is turning people into producers, as well as consumers, of media content. But this new reality has yet to be fully assimilated, and journalists face questions and uncertainties about their social role, their duties and also their rights.

What are the rights and responsibilities of professional communicators with regard to the social media? Are journalists barred by their profession from expressing themselves on networks like Twitter? Can media owners set limits on what reporters say as private individuals online?

via Caribbean360

2 Replies to “The ethics of social networking for journalists”

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Pat. Many large newspapers have already included sections in their codes of ethics that attempt to treat with journalists’ online behaviour. Closer to home, I’m talking to several T&T journalists right now, trying to get a better understanding of how they perceive the ethical parameters of their profession. I think that it is a question to be addressed primarily by the journalists themselves.

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