TV6 News Staff switches teams

via Trinidad Express

TV6 Deputy Head of News Carlisle Hinkson has resigned and reports are that he will be taking up duties soon as Head of News at the State-owned CNMG. Hinkson submitted his resignation on Friday, giving no reasons for his leaving.

CNMG recently fired Fazeer Mohammed, host of the morning talk show, First Up, citing cost-cutting measures as the reason.

Other personnel who have recently left TV6 to take up lucrative jobs with the Government include reporter Sasha Mohammed, who is now a special advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office, while another reporter, Keisha David, is a Communications Specialist in the Office of the Prime Minister. Former broadcast journalist assistant Jameila Alexander also joined the Office of the Prime Minister as a Communications Officer.

And at the Ministry of Education, Yolanda Morales, who read the Latin News Minute on the nightly TV6 News, is now a Communications Specialist while Alicia Busby is employed as a Communications Management advisor there.

Commenting on the departures from his station, TV6 Head of News Dominic Kalipersad said: “I note the State agencies that are luring staff from TV6. If this is an attempt to weaken TV6 because of our strength, I want to say TV6 will always remain strong. Is this the type of press freedom that the Prime Minister is talking about?”


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