Virtual re-colonisation threat imminent, says futurist Dr David Taylor

David Taylor, Chief Scientist, Congress Global Consulting

The Caribbean region must create a new evidence-based decision-making framework if they are to survive or maintain their sovereignty over the next decade, says futurist Dr. David Taylor.

Dr. Taylor, a speaker at the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum being held in St Maarten stated that current ad-hoc, short-term approach to policy formulation was driving the region to the brink of disaster and that “virtual re-colonisation” is an imminent threat.

Dr. Taylor warned that the Caribbean must start formulating its own unique intelligence services to inform all aspects of its political, social, human and technological development or else face “virtual re-colonisation” as global companies, criminal organisations and other states impose their foreign policy on the region. Asked about the specific case of country St Maarten, he stated, “St. Maarten celebrations of self-government may be short-lived unless political leaders actively build a new evidence-based decision making capability that transcends short-term political promises. We simply cannot afford to guess our way towards our future”.

Dr. Taylor, Chief Scientist at London-based firm Congress Global Consulting, commented that the decades old development patterns and strategies are being challenged the world over. “The biggest impact of India, China and Brazil is that they are offering developing countries an alternative model for economic growth and development” he said. “But neither existing models nor alternative models are suitable to our unique Caribbean context, or in fact, many other developing regions”.

The promotion of systemic evidence-based intelligence systems is a necessary prerequisite to provide an accurate context for any development road map and a practical tool for managing government policy and national security. “Futurism is not a mystical, quasi-spiritual stab in the dark. It is a systematic methodology for more accurate decision making,” he concluded.

Dr. Taylor is one of the keynote presenters at the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum being held as part of the St Maarten ICT Week.  The programme is part of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) Caribbean ICT Roadshow, which is open to the public and free of charge to the people of St. Maarten.

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