the city

welcome to Babylon. isn’t it great?
pride greed lust hate
cleric unzip and open full screen,
choirboy naked supple lean,
defrocked digital paedophile priest,
seventh millennium humanoid beast,
Media mogul take the offering,
birth life death suffering
eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,
suffer the children, fear the youth.

gentle jesus, meek and mild,
look upon this little child,
broken in the public school—
cynic critic sceptic fool.

this is the city, the evil axis.
birth life death taxes
time is money, for what it’s worth,
rising sun, crescent moon, star-spangled earth
whirl without end, round and round,
yen euro dollar pound
render to Caesar all or bust,
for the love of money in god we trust.

a b c d
the chief comptroller’s a red Queen bee.
the city’s a hive of androgynous drones,
civilised servants, colonised clones,
sterilised spirits, etherised minds,
heart-broken, bankrupt, (oct)agonised, blind.
break and bind, tax and teach,
all for one (but none for each.)


red Queen’s castle, chess board room,
hell’spawn bishop’s temple of doom,
King Nebuchadnezzar’s cronies gather,
weapons inspector, inphallible father,
most high chief executives feast,
surgeon-General, President, priest,
spin Doctor spangle your headline banner,
cultic mass Media soul operation,
cultivate global mental plantation,
ecstasy alcohol opium crack
white red yellow black
pressroom prestidigitation,
alter-native medication,
coke viagra cigarettes speed
excite sedate anaesthetise breed
intoxicate indoctrinate, prescribe preach,
one for all (but none for each.)

absolute zero, the wind chill factor,
hardhat melt down the nuclear reactor,
astral fallout, human frenetic,
nucleus spiral helix genetic
black hole blink out the love-light intensity,
horror scope preset the hard-heart propensity,
Doctor transmogrify random selection,
cosmetic clinician remodel perfection,
ethnic cleansing cure human infections,
President fix synthetic elections,
terrorist sidestep the metal detector,
Emperor pre-empt the weapons inspector,
psyche memory silicon sand
death and taxes, isn’t it grand?
ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
welcome to Babylon, in god we trust.


power mutation, Caesar frenetic,
nuclear spiral helix genetic
darkness fall, city shine,
i my me mine

mirror mirror on the wall
Babylon burning, Babylon fall

gold silver bronze bone
flesh clay iron Stone

hieroglyphics on the wall
Babylon burning, Babylon fall,

Nebuchadnezzar nightmare-awoken, apoplectic, haunted, vexed;
astrologers, sorcerers, sages summoned, startled speechless, exposed, perplexed;
red Queen shrieking, strung-out, scarlet, high-strung, hissing, hysterical harlot.

sun moon star Home
Babylon Persia Greece Rome

all for one, once for all
Babylon burning, Babylon fall

October 2004


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